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About Us

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Oil & Gas Fullsteam

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Diamond, Gold, and other Minerals

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Facilitating Oil & Gas products and Commodities Trading

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Expand Your business in Africa and Middle East

Our team can help you turn strategies into solutions for a competitive advantage. We can help because we understand this pressure, and we’ve got the cross-industry, specialist knowledge that moves the needle.

We test out new ideas and business models in real time. We Build, test, adapt, improve. 


As for our size, we’re big enough to have it covered, small enough to act expeditiously and stay connected. You will see the global perspective in the work we do, and easy collaboration in how we do it. 

Business Presentation

To help clients navigate this increasingly complex landscape, ABB Energy Consultancy brings an unparalleled depth of experience from decades of work in the world’s major energy hubs.


We have led projects in a variety of topics, including portfolio strategy, regulatory and policy making, commercial excellence, contracting and trading, capital productivity, organization, digital and advanced analytics.

We help clients optimize their businesses to capture the potential of tight gas, shale gas, and light tight oil.

Ready to Kickstart Your Journey with us?

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